Faith Wood Awarded Distinction

Masters of Architecture at Edinburgh University.

We are proud to announce Faith Wood has been awarded a Masters of Architecture with Distinction from the University of Edinburgh.

Thesis Project: The In[terior]-Between

“Over time, architecture has devised a series of building programs and typologies that are dedicated to the production of knowledge. However the process of knowledge production is not an activity confined to the work place. An individual’s contribution towards the development of knowledge is the output of a complex process that encompasses personal experience and reflection. The occupation of the knowledge worker therefore becomes all-consuming and finding time to rest and effectively transition between rest and work becomes an important part of daily life.

This proposition aims to create an architecture that positions itself between rest and work, aiding the transition between the two by setting up a series of journeys that offer the user moments of potential liminality. The Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck describes these liminal spaces as places of dual phenomena, sites of the simultaneous reconciliation of opposites, for example; public, private, detached, immersed, enclosed, free.

This juxtaposition is further expressed by the program of the In[terior]-Between which consists of a combination of recreational and teaching spaces, leisure and learning spaces, contained under the same roof and allowing a variety of routes between the contrasting programs.

The In[terior]-Between will focus on the area between the ruinous former kitchen garden – which will house laboratory spaces for the small scale production of essential oils, perfume, soaps and lotions – and a number of new build residential units nestled in the woodland of Kilmahew Estate”.

Faith Wood, June 2017