Tony’s Ballroom

We have just been appointed to complete an options appraisal for Tony’s Ballroom in Blackburn, a cornerstone of the Northern Soul scene.

When the rave scene hit the North West of England in the late-80s, it was not uncommon for hundreds of people to drive into towns like Blackburn in Lancashire for a party.

Since it’s closure in the 1990’s, the building has lain untouched, until now. This year, as part of the National Festival of Making, this building was opened to the public for the first time in decades for Martyn Ware’s soundscape.


‘Northern Soul classics from the Ballroom’s heyday whisper through Ware’s immersive three dimensional soundscape, intertwined with human voices and industrial sounds taken from the factory floor. Driving towards a sonic conclusion, the haunting piece comments on the ‘work hard, play hard’ cultures of Northern towns where work ruled the week and dancing ruled the weekend.’ Festival of Making, Church of Rare Souls

We are so excited to be involved with such a fantastic building.

Photographs ©Decopublique & ©Festival of Making